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The Stephenson House Warranty Deed History

1814 A large grant of land was made by the United States government to John Robinson.
1819 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson bought 182 acres from Mr. Robinson.
1820 Colonel Benjamin Stephenson constructed his home, which exists today in its original location.
1828 The property was sold to William E. Starr, son-in-law of Stephenson, in payment of debts Colonel Stephenson had left after his death. Mrs. Stephenson was allotted 20 acres which included "dwelling house, or homestead of her husband."
1833 Mr. Starr sold the property to James Stephenson, son of Colonel Stephenson.
1834 Elvira L. Edwards, widow of Govenor Ninian Edwards, bought the home to help Mrs. Stephenson with debts.
1837 Mrs. Edwards sold the property to Thomas K, Birks.
1839 Mr. Birks sold it to Philip Fix. Mr. Fix also bought 1790 additional acres of land adjacent to the original Stephenson property. A daughter of Mr. Fix was married to Frederick A. Wolf, and they made their home in this house.
1845 The property was conveyed to Caroline, daughter of Philip Fix for "one dollar, love and affection." Her husband, Frederick A. Wold, added an upper story over the kitchen and enlarged the back porch.
1879 Fredrick A. Wolf sold the propery to his two sons, Adolphus P. Wolf and Fredrick W. Wolf.
1891 Adolphus P. Wolf sold his share to his brother, Frederick.
1902 Anna C. Wolf, widow of Frederick W. Wolf, sold the property to J. Frank Dickmann.
1941 Miss Lizzie Dickmann, heir to the property, sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Waltrip.
1943 The Waltrips sold the property to Misses Stella and Ione Berry.
1975 Miss Ione Berry sold the house to Rev. Stephen Weissman.
1982 The Rev. Stephen Weissman sold the house to the Sigma Phi Epsilon Householding Corporation.
1999 In August, the City of Edwardsville purchased the Stephenson House from Sigma Phi Epsilon.
2000 Phase I Restoration Began.

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